Thursday, August 10, 2017


James Ferraro released new album "Anthrospray: Music For Extinction Renaissance".
26 minutes of music on USB credit card, 
together with "AN EPIC POEM" and paintings made by artist himself.

"The main focus is on an emergent humanity within the grasp of nomadic disassociation. It’s meant to be an articulation on how our world view is one of simultaneous technological decadence and decline, turning away from civilisation while also building it paradoxically. This is the psychology of the subject at hand, hence, “Extinction Renaissance”. 
One main element of that is the gluten free movement. As the concept emerges and integrates into cities, it begins to represent an agrarian awakening where humanity has opted to transfer all of its faith into the mechanisms of its artificial systems, disassociating from the pivotal role of wheat – the literal pillar of civilisation – and as we further commit to that disregard we breed a mutated doctrine of humanism and nihilism. We are anthropogenic nomads, the soil is alien and is eroded by our untethered illusion of freedom." - James Ferraro
I am a block chain 
my purpose is to eliminate
I process death into a life
I am a bitcoin

"Anthrospray: Music For Extinction Renaissance". 26 minutes of music on USB credit card


Earlier his previous LP "Human Story 3" received vinyl pressing by Olde English Spelling Bee.
Comes with bonus CD-r (previously unreleased James Ferraro material).
James Ferraro - Human Story 3 vinyl