Wednesday, August 30, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Castel - Astral Portal

Castel himself photo
Young vapour phenomenon known as Castel gets his first physical release called Astral Portal.
This record includes the album NEO RISING, previously released on Pinkbox Teleport, the rare Dream Entanglement and completely new material which tool Castel six months to complete.

"All that stuff was remastered and refined together with professionals from Asura Revolver studio.
I feel like it will help new listeners to dive into it,
and for my old fans this will be an opportunity to open the sound they love once again, with new breath and special energy.
This is not a secret, I'm perfectionist but also I have big respect to people who believe in me,
so working on Astral Portal was more than just recording a new album.
I would say this was like creating a portal to the New Era" - Castel.

oh, yeah...
it was predicted by NEWAGE MAG and now we see how easily this newcomer has become game changer for vapour world.
We can endlessly talk about the reasons for this, so we better just admit some facts.

6 facts you should know about Castel

1. When he just made soundcloud page and uploaded the first song, it was played on on the next day by the labelhead of Dream Catalogue HKE (yeah, we know how much it means)
2. Three days later his debut album was signed by the most forward looking label of the year—Pinkbox Teleport
3. Month later his track was featured in the legendary second episode of Black Market Trade which was banned for all world (the creator of radioshow was forced to change his country of residence because of Disnay’s constant push)
4. Castel's debut album was nominated for the Album Of The Month by Ogritch himself
5. Castel's second album "THE SAVIOR" was released on the cult hardvapour label HVRF-CC.

Castel obtained all these achievements in only 4 months, nitro speed definitely... this could only be achieved by a real genius,
and we can consider this as an undeniable proof of his great talent.

No doubt, his sound and vision are unique, and this is exactly what vaporwave needs right now.
Break the world from your previous experience,
coz there is no value for it anymore.
Neo Rising
so it’s time to make a step into the Astral Portal

in case if you missed rare interview with Castel:

Sunday, August 27, 2017


David Russo / HKE labelhead of cult vaporwave label Dream Catalogue,
just made post on facebook about his current personal situation and near future of Dream Catalogue.

 "deeply apologise to everyone I have been a prick to recently. As you may have noticed, my behaviour has been increasingly erratic and self-destructive online recently, and I have been highly rude and obnoxious to many people as a result - to both friends, associates and fans of mine.
The truth is, I have been suffering intense depression and anxiety this past year, at times leading to delusional & sometimes repugnant behaviour which has been further exacerbated by drinking alcohol again. This depression and anxiety is a problem I have been dealing with for many years, stretching way back before my time as ‘HKE’, and it has come back harder than ever in the past year in particular - where I feel like I have begun to lose my grip on reality at times. I often wake up screaming in my sleep, and spend entire days paralysed by fear, while other times I have treated the world as a punching bag to deal with this deep sense of dread & despair I feel daily.

None of this excuses my behaviour, however, as I am old enough to know better - so as such, I offer my sincere apologies to everyone I have offended.
I find it extremely hard to write and admit all of this publicly, so I will keep it brief. But my intention is to take a back seat for quite a while, maybe a year or two, so I have personal time to sort out my mental health and try and bring some normality back to my life. This will be the last you hear from me for some time.
As such, I won’t be making or releasing any new music for quite a while, nor posting online on Twitter/FB, nor taking anymore interview requests. The Dream Catalogue NTS show I will be handing over to Halo Acid & Remember who have both done most shows with me since the beginning anyway and both have a great ear for new music.
The 777 albums are all done and will continue as planned, so support and check out all the labels that are putting those out as that was always my intention with those. There are some other releases wrapped up and have been ready to go for a while too, which will come out in due course.
Dream Catalogue will also continue on as planned, where I will take a back seat and just focus on the ’behind the scenes’ work, so to speak — however, plans are in place to put the general label operations in more capable hands than mine are right now in regards to day to day ongoings, to ensure the planned releases come out and the ship keeps floating.
To everyone who has ever supported me in any way, I offer heartfelt thanks and gratitude, I truly appreciate everything more than you could ever know. "

NEWAGE MAG would like to wish best to HKE. 
we sure here,  David doesn't lose his grip on reality because he already change and transform reality on global level.
Keep dreaming, keep burning, keep doing magic for millions of hearts.
Dragon Blood inside

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Emmit Fenn - What We Once Were

when i back to my homeland village i always like walking near my old school. i really don't know why i'm doing this, but its kind a special feeling here.
this is not about memories, because i don't see any pictures from past or inner narrative.
this kind of feeling i receiving not only in that way, but this is always like special connection to some undiscovered zones. is that happened with me or someone else?
no need to understand. sometimes its enough to have one signal to open portal.

1. are you saw Skins TV series (yes, you saw it, lets be honest) ? 
2. are you saw Paraísos Artificiais (probably not)?

ok skip that
i know my broken english is hard a bit 

Emmit Fenn - What We Once Were

for those people who totally out of the wheel and would like to get what i mean
here instruction
1. play this song Emmit Fenn - What We Once Were

3. that 1 + 2 in same time
4. yeah now you transcending 

Friday, August 25, 2017

LISTEN: Sonya Blade - Intro--outro

You may saw that girl earlier as actress in most shocking vapour video.
But it's time to introduce the sound world of Sonya Blade.


Taken from new Zomby EP 'GASP'.
Out on BIGDADA 8 September.
In his signature spirit of cryptic variety, “GASP!" explores another tectonic revision in ZOMBY’s style. Utilizing analog equipment that was recorded live to a digital surface, he says, “I was tired of too much digitisation and over-saturation; this is a work that represents a shift forward for me.” A shift forward indeed, the compact, 3-track EP is a relentless, hardware-driven behemoth of beats and breaks that fit somewhere between a chugging steel factory and a darkened dancefloor.

Thursday, August 24, 2017


We received mail from enigmatic person, who mentioned earlier in that article.
He refused all questions and just gave us a link to the bandcamp page.
So what we know about Ogritch? what we know about Hype Williams ?
for now we have beautiful album, and this is puts everything in right place.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

James Ferraro shares new song from forthcoming album

Twilight Pretender, fresh romantic country vibe from shapeshifter known as James Ferraro.

Shelter Press announces the final part of 'Movement Building' from Gabriel Saloman

Saloman’s music has never sat comfortably in any genre, sharing with a select cohort of other artists (Stephen O’Malley, Lawrence English, Grouper, Kreng, Tim Hecker, among others) an ambiguous position between “modern classical”, “electronic music”, and the more outer limits of metal. Movement Building Vol. III doesn’t clarify as much as it expands Saloman’s oeuvre further into an idiosyncratic musical no-man’s land that fails to be faithful to any popular musical trend – contemporary, retro or futurist.

STILL - Nazenèt [Wasp Riddim] (PAN 80)

STILL - I cover art

Simone Trabucchi (aka Dracula Lewis aka Hundebiss Records label head) announces his new album under moniker STILL.
PAN, 15 September 2017.
PS: if someone have text version of lyrics, please write to us ASAP.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

WATCH: Antonio d. Luca - Ascending a Staircase - A film by Koxi

If you are seriously asking the question, you are halfway there. 
The next step is visualizing a presence visiting you. Come up with a phrase that you can chant that will reaffirm your belief in its existence.

Find a secluded area such as a forest or other wilderness (the presence of other people anchors your reality and prevents you from being visited)

Use a lock of girl's hair (to guide your visitor into a form you wish it to resemble) 

and walk a circle around where you put it. 
Each time you make a complete revolution, repeat that phrase of reaffirmation and close your eyes. You want to be doing this for about half an hour. any longer and you're throwing away time. After you feel you have done enough rotations, close your eye and chant the phrase 13 times (13 is not entirely special as a number but most people have associations with it as evil/etc. any significant number will work)

if you are visited, you are succesful. 

if you do not sense a presence, try again some other day 
Antonio d. Luca - Ascending a Staircase - A film by Koxi from paradies on Vimeo.

Taken from 'Music Wozu' album


Take off your fidget spinner for a sec!
 coz we have Massive ALL STARS compilation from cult hardvapour cardinal H.V.R.F!

this is future or this is past ?
is there exit ?
the world about the end - voices 

but there no end/beginning in post-future simulacra
so better just enjoy this MADNESSSSSS!

“We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning.” 
― Jean Baudrillard


Sunday, August 20, 2017

New video 'Map to the Stars' taken from Ducktails forthcoming album + tour dates

'Map to the Stars' first single from Matt Mondanile's new album 'Jersey Devil' available for Pre-order via New Images Limited.
Out October 6th.
Ducktails Jersey Devil cover art
Sept 7th Davenport - Raccoon Motel
Sept 8th Chicago - The Empty Bottle
Sept 9th Madison - The Frequency
Sept 12th Hanover, Germany - V17
Sept 13th Hamburg, Germany - Club Heim!
Sept 14th Cologne, Germany - Gewolbe
Sept 18th Glasgow, UK - The Hug And Pint
Sept 19th Brighton, UK - The Joker
Sept 21st Liverpool, UK - International Festival of Psychedelia
Sept 23rd Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
Sept 27 Padova, IT - Nadir
Sept 28 Sion, CH - Le Port Franc
Sept 29 Krakow, PL - Klub RE
Sept 30 Warsaw, PL - Cafe Kulturalna
Oct 1 Dortmund, DE - Way Back When Festival
Oct 2 London, UK - Moth Club
Oct 5 Stavanger, NO - Kunsthalle
Oct 6th Bergen, Norway - Landmark
Oct 10th Bordeaux, France - Iboat
Oct 11th Roubaix, France - La Cave Aux Poetes
Oct 12th Paris, France - L'Olympic
Oct 14th Winston - Salem, NC Phuzz Festival
Oct 18 - Tokyo @ O-nest
Oct 19 - Tokyo @ UNIT
Oct 20 - Matsumoto @ Give Me a Little More
Oct 21 - Osaka @ Shangri-la
Oct 23 - Fukuoka @ Utero
Oct 25 - Okinawa Naha @ Output
Oct 27 - Taipei @ Witch House
Oct 28 - Taichung @ Forro Cafe
Oct 29 - Kaohsiung @ venue TBA
Oct 31 - Manila @ Mow's Bar, Quezon City
Nov 2 - Shanghai @ Yuyintang
Nov 3 - Beijing @ Yugong Yishan
Nov 5 - Chengdu @ Nu Space
Nov 14 Seoul (band set) venue TBA
Nov 17 Bangkok (band set) TBA
Nov 21 Philadelphia - PhilaMOCA  
Nov 24th Washington DC - U Street Music Hall
Nov 25th NYC  - Music Hall Of Williamsburg
Nov 27th Cleveland - The Winchester
Dec 6rd San Francisco - The Independent
Dec 9th Los Angeles - Teragram Ballroom
Dec 10th Las Vegas - Bunkhouse Saloon 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Absolutely RARE GEMS from DJ Charles Berlitz!!!

Dreamcast, Rare 80s tunes and movie trailers for sure!

This is Pacific City Sound Visions on Radio Centraal
with best DJ in the world Charles Berlitz himself!

so where were you in 2009? 
please don't try to remember coz we have a time machine here.

Tune iN for magic coconut vibe !
audio here

audio here

audio here

LISTEN: "Anthrospray - Music for Extinction Renaissance" by James Ferraro

James Ferraro. Listen Anthrospray - Music for Extinction Renaissance
Anthrospray escaped from his USB-based Credit card jail!
In case if you missed previous article about Ferraro's latest work, it's available here.
Stream Full Album below:


Miracle Roy - Calming Signals

I’m not here of my own choosing
so where are we going, Walt Whitman?
skilful traveller leaves no traces 
of his wheels 
or footsteps

Thursday, August 17, 2017

VIDEO: Forest Swords - Raw Language

'Raw Language' taken from 'Compassion' album, out now via Ninja Tune.

Order vinyl/deluxe gatefold/CD/DL – Listen to Forest Swords on Spotify –

Thursday, August 10, 2017


James Ferraro released new album "Anthrospray: Music For Extinction Renaissance".
26 minutes of music on USB credit card, 
together with "AN EPIC POEM" and paintings made by artist himself.

"The main focus is on an emergent humanity within the grasp of nomadic disassociation. It’s meant to be an articulation on how our world view is one of simultaneous technological decadence and decline, turning away from civilisation while also building it paradoxically. This is the psychology of the subject at hand, hence, “Extinction Renaissance”. 
One main element of that is the gluten free movement. As the concept emerges and integrates into cities, it begins to represent an agrarian awakening where humanity has opted to transfer all of its faith into the mechanisms of its artificial systems, disassociating from the pivotal role of wheat – the literal pillar of civilisation – and as we further commit to that disregard we breed a mutated doctrine of humanism and nihilism. We are anthropogenic nomads, the soil is alien and is eroded by our untethered illusion of freedom." - James Ferraro
I am a block chain 
my purpose is to eliminate
I process death into a life
I am a bitcoin

"Anthrospray: Music For Extinction Renaissance". 26 minutes of music on USB credit card


Earlier his previous LP "Human Story 3" received vinyl pressing by Olde English Spelling Bee.
Comes with bonus CD-r (previously unreleased James Ferraro material).
James Ferraro - Human Story 3 vinyl

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


It's another hot night, dry and windless.
The kind of that makes people do sweaty, secret things.
I wait and I listen.
Standing outside myself trying to stop those hangings with ghost fingers... 
I am a ghost wanting what every ghost wants-a body-after the Long Time
 moving through odorless alleys of space where no life is, 
only the colorless no smell of death...
Nobody can breath and smell it through pink convolutions of gristle laced with crystal snot, 
time shit and black blood filters of flesh.


Monday, August 7, 2017

Cult vaporwave album "Floral Shoppe" gets Vinyl!

everyone saw that picture for many times.
everyone heard slowed Diana Ross tune.
everyone knows Macintosh Plus - is a main part for whole vaporwave movement!
so now...
"FLORAL SHOPPE" on classic aesthetic pink vinyl.
Shipping out on 25 September + 22x22 poster made by Vektroid.
Digital version available for streaming/downloading via Vektroid bandcamp:

Floral Shoppe also available as part of bundle with another Viktroid recording "Dreaming Castle"

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Incredible performance from Spencer Clark in Milan.
Also check his latest album "The World of Shell"