Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hellscape Recordings announces new Ross Khmil cassette this summer!

Detroit-based experimental music label Hellscape Recordings releases next Ross Khmil's album  'Suburban Lights'
ALL PINK TEXT DOWNSTAIRS IT'S FUNFIC WAS MADE BY infamous BitcoinTerrorist known as Steve The Highlander.

 Teenage action-movie, based on true story that
happens just before great harvest of universe.
oh... incredible times, myriad of worlds dynamically penetrate into each other, 
transforming whole reality, into pulsating feral being,
that dissolving into the webs of collective consciousness, 
unrevealing marble oasis 
of all  experience 
received from bestseller cdr audiobook 
'Guide to reality' 

 fatal system error 
was mistakenly accepted by humanity as real world,
but soon people start suspect a fake 

coz cdr spoiled with time 
--i can't realize where my body ends and button of snow leopard begins--
guess answer  can be found in that radiohead song

BUT ONly two is real.

Through simulation of old japanese game
 with endless labyrinth of square boxes 
and gleaming flesh of liquid eagle who destroyed timeline 
and leaved his shadow to charge sacred emerald gates 
with original energy breathing the life in everything that was forgotten.
who would remember?
who will know that all of that really happened?
who able to feel that incredible transformations of worlds?

its can't be painful experience to touch the heart of pure natural beauty 
so yeah maybe its better do not take a risks

 Unstappably changing forms with speed of light 
beast swallows a flesh of liquid eagle, and his shadow become his eyes, eyes that would make ultra-recall for tiny children AI-drones  
that was lost in woods of Viburnumia searching anthropomorphic princess Baggy
 but soon found and raised 
by ancient bubblegum wooden snake and broken-usb-flashdrive who keeps file with photo that will start new reality without anything that would be looks suspiciously. 
ultra-recall is done,
sun shining and everyone woke up into new version of world. 
But someone still dreaming inside pink crystal
somewhere in abandoned digital deserts, 
drinking blood of serpents and eat cactus fruits.
abyss full of love,
pink crystal, just a sticker on power bank, in her hands.

daughter of god always plays out of rules,  
 but she felt all 1000 lifes at one night
that they traveled through, together with Prince Of Parachutes
dissolving into the roots of reality
out of matherial world
strangers  in cosmic silence
no longer breathing spirit of dead world.
last kiss.
screen-saver on the monitor .
metallic triangle with sons of the man
dreaming about their fears.
Moon very red to be real..

 amethist braslate on her hand creates hollogram
yellow figure, somewhere on horizon
 prince of parachutes, 
he is always comes
 seeing suburban lights and thinking of her LEGO black ship , and repeatedly watching memories
 about shalter
at the black invisible seed where is nothing and noone 
flesh mergers with flash
and soul reaching integrity 
magic melody comes from gelatinum horizon
daughter of god spread her wings
and new world burn
Prince of Parachutes still plays at his midi-keyboard
strange and funny song
lullaby for someone and clock-alarm for another
in case if there was any living beings

Kiss the eyes covered at snow

in case if there was any living beings

Flowers of Infant Magic
when she change her face from child to woman
from woman to schoolgirl

and all forms scattered 
gracefully drifting on the leaves 

Air pushing electricity inside my body
, using emptiness as a weapon 
Air traveling in time, 
using my body like a coffin
for all truth hunters,
and those 
who were here all of that time

 'Suburban Lights' will be available as limited edition cassette.
For the moment we have preview with excerpts of each tunes from label's soundcloud:

Full album comes July 13th, CASSETTE AND DIGITAL

Sunday, July 8, 2018

CurbDogs - Original SOundtrack One-Sided LP (Pacificity Soundvisions)

PACIFIC CITY SOUND VISIONS releases original soundtrack for classic 80's skate movie Curb Dogs: 
"This is like Wicked-Witch jamming at a Skate Park in the early 80's. Some real Skate shit, Sf scene shredding. Just straight bootlegged and waiting to hear from Shay-Baby like whenevs. Lots of field recordings of little boggers trying to pump up their game…"
For now our in time we waiting, 
our experts found that original movie
so enjoy! 

Also in case if you missed TRADEWINDS

Friday, July 6, 2018

A Strange Attractor 026 w/ Fortuna Records @ NTS (June 21 / 2018)

1. Bob Marley - Lively Up Dubplate
2. Mevlana - Bas Taksim
3. Unknown - Unknown
4. Kelan Phil Cohran - Kilimanjaro
5. Unknown - Unknown
6. Don Cherry - North Brazilian Ceremonial Hymm
7. Clive Znda - Dat Kinda Ting
8. Yusef Lateef - Love & Humor
9. Count Ossie - Mozambique
10. N'kouri - Itumba
11. Niagara - Malanga
12. Sun Ra - Nuclear War
13. Mario Y Sus Diamantes - Santo Domingo
14. Osode - in Perspective
15. Malvina Reynolds - I Don't Mind Failing

Amateur Exotica w/ Amateur Exorcist & Amid Kibar - 18th October 2017

Sharkiat - El Zar (1991)