Monday, November 20, 2017

EVENT: Suburbs Of Utopia - Counter Algorithms For The Future

Suburbs of Utopia is a gathering beyond the constraints of the Now: music, performance & movies, curated by INRA. Think & Dance! 

Cera Khin dj set [LazyTapes]
UCC Harlo live 
INRA live [Pinkbox Teleport]

Movies & Audiovisual 
Robert Sieg [Essay movie "Things go wrong very slowly..."] 
Wizard Ashdod [FULL BODY Massage Records]

Auto [Pia Achternkamp & Judith S. Förster]

ABOUT: They took advantage of their feelings/ They rubbed their skin until their skin dissolved/ And fell on the floor as tales of nostalgia/ But the future is a better guide/ To the present than the past/ So they developed counter algorithms/To build and island called/ Suburbs of Utopia/ There will be free chocolate with caramel sea salt/Free health care and a thousand sexes/A universal basic income/And art that does not/ Refer to the familiar/ But to the New [INRA].

WATCH: Kedr Livanskiy - Your Name

it's like a dream
when i feel you looking at me

time disappears
and i'm no longer sure

that i can exist
beyond your eyes

[​[​[​]​]​] by PB9000

PowerBabe™ 9000's killswitch was engaged, and Mistress Fannypack's android lover was removed from this existence. The Shet'agh were not completely victorious; PB9000's consciousness was splintered, not destroyed. The killswitch was unable to do more than disable physical functioning. Now mechanically dead, the android had ample time to discover the properties of his new coalescing swarm of consciousness. The longer time goes on, the more unstable a future containing a reunion becomes, soon it may become just as gaseous as the blankscape's inhabitants.