Wednesday, September 20, 2017

BREAKING: Music stolen from James Ferraro

Last few days we see some confusing but fascinating drama in vapour world.
We don't know if this beginning of chaos era or something else.
So we just publish here official statement from influential label Pinkbox Teleport.
For sure this more then just question 'who is who'. 
We think this is wind of changes, so here the link to original discussion and everyone is invited to take part:

After yesterday's provocation on OESB, and 'ogritch vs ross khmil' drama, we received a lot emails with questions about music on Pinkbox Teleport which was stolen from musician known as James Ferraro. It started with this tweet:
 and was mentioned later in the reddit post [which has already been deleted]. 
What we can say about it? 
PBT Records, since the foundation of the label, has worked only with original music, and mostly with unknown artists (this fits the initial idea behind the label). 
We never received copyright strikes from bandcamp, and never had any troubles with our roster. Even if we haven’t reached many people until now, Pinkbox Teleport has always been and still is a label about art, not about getting hype and cheap dramas. 
For sure some of our albums have classic hypnagogic vibe, and we really love it. But this is not a good reason to say 'Stolen Ferraro's music', we find this accusation ridiculous. Talking about Ross Khmil we ensure that he never uses samples, all his music is original live recorded jams, and we saw him live several times. Ross Khmil's sound vision and approach is unique, and we are proud to work with him. People who believe in Ogritch's rumors are mistaking. The same can be said about those who believe in the yesterday's reddit post about HVRF
Honestly we have known all those people for long time, but we never received any unreleased Ferraro's music. PBT records would like to be excluded from this narrative, but being a part of great community we concerned about our reputation and reputation of our friends. These days someone is trying to assure us that OESB/ROSSKHMIL/HVRF/OGRITCH/ICESNAKE/ - are the same person. 
But truth it is about Ogritch and someone who wrote yesterday’s post who are only the same person in fact. 
Here’s the original sequence: 'ogritch vs zomby' -> ‘ogritch vs oscob’ -> 'ogritch vs hype williams' -> 'ogritch vs bandcamp' -> 'hvrf callout'. If you pay enough attention, it is not hard to see all of that is just an theater of one actor — Ogritch, who tries to get some black hype. - Pinkbox Teleport

Friday, September 15, 2017


We all know about word 'OFFICIAL', that turned into simulacra long time ago. 
But in this case we have brand new mix from wosX, creator of the most fascinating genre of our time, Hardvapour.

wosX - A New Cycle | 0:00 Pinkertons - Call of the Bog | 3:26 pscu - تشتبك السيوف I 5:55 wosX - Hump | 7:02 Diamondstein - Whorf | 11:35 wosX - Kokaine | 15:42 Balents - ха-ха это один болен | 18:42 Flash Kostivich - Track 1 | 19:52 Somnus - Cosmic Heat | 22:02 Subaeris - Awake (ft. Kagami Smile) | 25:02 Paul Menska - Bydyn | 29:22 Broken HKE - Reality 2 | 31:11 Digital Anger - Found Footage | 34:23 Henry Wong - Test X1004 | 38:28 Animalman - Hypervisor | 43:04 Blu Angl - ID | 45:24 Subhumanizer - Modem Demon | 47:37 NSR - North Sea Residue | 49:45 Alom - Culture Backlog | 52:31 Halo Acid - Incubator | 54:28 LeonLS - Haven | 59:45 Felix Nguyen-Wu - Fire | 1:02:14 Yoshimi - Violation | 1:06:06 Elegance of the Damned - SUBJ3 | 1:08:43 ATC - All Around the World | 1:12:22 HKE - Zoku | 1:15:11 Head;Ache - Dance, Dance, Die | 1:18:15 TRENDS - Red Diamond | 1:19:45 Mod-Comm 81 - Autonomy | 1:23:00 Putaliscious - Find God | 1:25:48 HKE x Sour Gout - Apex Predator | 1:27:58 Jude Frankum - Head Down | 1:31:25 AUT2M - Солнечная тусовка | 1:34:05 Sour Gout - IRON//03 | 1:35:48 Pippo - Diavolo | 1:38:25 DJ Gianluca - Veloce | 1:42:03 wosX - Spiral | 1:44:58 El Migue Obrero - La Calor | 1:48:33 Sandtimer - Hardvapour is Alive | 1:50:34 DJ Alina - доля | 1:53:26 Flash Kostivich - Sacrifice | 1:56:26 Tyler Mathoyi - μάντις | 2:00:00 Blank Body - Soft Guilt | 2:01:55 Werewolf Hair - Go for the Throat | 2:04:05 2814 - Impact | 2:07:58 Flash Kostivich - Coding @ Dawn (ft. t e l e p a t h) | 2:12:46 Reshinarax - The Abyss | 2:17:09 AUT2M - The Abrupt Termination | 2:21:08 DJ Alina - Collapse (w/ Nikita V.) | 2:23:51 Darksleep - ANDRAS | 2:27:48 S0ViET NiTEKLUB - 9. 9 | 2:31:46 Chungking Mansions - Rare Earth Elements | 2:33:51 TRENDS - Spiked | 2:36:25 Crimson Kaishaku - Glare | 2:38:07 DJ Alina - Afterglow | 2:39:56 Khrist - Track 1 | 2:41:50 Earth Sounds - Field of Vision | 2:43:19 Mike Tenay - Hard Sex | 2:45:24 Thug Widow - Dead Colony | 2:46:44 School Shooter - Cry 4 Help | 2:49:38 Ivan Killer - Track 1 | 2:51:18 Flash Kostivich - C.S. 1.6 Break (ft. VIT) | 2:53:00 Argiflex - Sludgehammer (Windows 98の remix) | 2:55:24 Rosewood Queen - Camel | 2:59:00 C Money Burns - Flesh Castle | 3:00:12 Shinatama - Human Failure | 3:02:58 wosX - Sacrificial | 3:06:06 wosX - Chuva | 3:10:55 KPACOTA - одиночество | 3:14:24 Kagami Smile - Thumb Enhancer | 3:17:02 Windows 98の - Hypnogogia | 3:20:23 wosX - Armageddon | 3:22:44

INRA live at Supynes Festival 2017

Incredible Shamans of digital era
Berlin-based duo INRA performing their new song "I don't Have a Feet"
live at Supynes Festival 2017, Lithuania. 

Stream 'Suburbs of Utopia' (INRA debut album) below.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


It carried us I don’t know where.
Retreating before us, like some mirage,
Were cities, miraculously fair.
Under our feet the mint grass spread,
The birds were following our tread,
The fishes came to a river bend,
And to our eyes the sky was open.

Behind us our fate was groping,

Like an insane man with a razor in his hand.

LISTEN: ROT by Sour Gout [HVRF-CC 126]

Quaid walks from the precipice down a gradual slope.  The
  ground gives way underneath him.  He falls.  His visor hits
  a rock.  A small crack spreads, and the visor blows out.
Quaid starts to decompress.  HHHHNh!  His breath is drawn
  out.  His face puffs up.  Veins stand out in his skin.  His
  eyes bulge.  His tongue protrudes.  His nose and eyelids

  The woman rushes to him.  She kneels down over him.  They
  clasp hands.  His eyes explo...
No wonder you have nightmares.  You're always

watching the news.

LISTEN: Auditor - Creature Feature

Her name: X-20. Her type: an experimental interceptor. Recent history: a crash landing in the Mojave Desert after a thirty-one hour flight nine hundred miles into space. Incidental data: the ship, with the men who flew her, disappeared from the radar screen for twenty-four hours...But the shrouds that cover mysteries are not always made out of a tarpaulin, as this man will soon find out on the other side of a hospital door.

Auditor - Creature Feature [SHUT_INS]

Radiohead - Lift [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

This is always two different persons 
who start path and who see the final point
but this is still same
coz there no final point.
Inner God or inner Devil
Depends on that how well you know yourself.

Friday, September 8, 2017

SQ777​-​4: High Kinetic Energy

I lived in Marseilles throughout a many portion of my 20s. In this time I developed a strong romantic interest with a Moroccan woman, and quite frankly she stole my heart. I worked at a port, and every evening she would meet me there. Strong perfume, skin like caramel, dark lipstick, elegant, but not classy. She told me she often could speak to stars, and sometimes she spoke of them to me. One night, we sit out on a pebble stone beach outside of the city. These parts the stars could be seen in their true glory. So bright that moon was, we didn't even need a light to see each other clearly. She tells me in this moment; 'Pav, the stars are looking at us.' Then we make passionate love. These days I never forget. 
- Pavel

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


HVRF SAMPLER #5 - this is great opportunity for everyone who would like to dive into most fascinating and forward thinking genre of our time 
Hardvapour itself.
Join the revolution, coz future is hard.

Saturday, September 2, 2017


We received huge amount of mails from listeners who curious why yesterdays broadcast of Black Market Trade radioshow was delayed for 4 hours.
So our special reporter Willie Blodix JR has visited 20ftRadio bomb shelter and he managed to catch mysterious creator of BMT radioshow.
yeah we have exclusive insights and tracklist here.
NAM: hey man, how its going? could you tell us about that 4 hours delay, what's happened?
BMT: Greetings! there just another Disney's trick. Could you imagine they tried to block our broadcast for few hours! 
But i should admit people from 20ftRadio they are high skilled professionals.
When i said "maybe we should try another day, without announcement, so Disney's agents will not be able to prevent" 
answer from 20ftradio was next "You should realize one important thing. 
No powers in this fucking world exist that can stop the stream of 20ftRadio. 
So please stay calm and wait a bit, we will handle".
yeah, after few hours broadcasting channel was cleared from all wreckers and we become ON AIR. 
NAM: Madness!
NAM: It's possible to get playlist? We shazaming but there like no results haha..
thunder perfect mind exclusive intro
highway dept - ocean penetrator (EDIT)
babyfather - 10/10 freestyle
P.A.R.A - Venus Of Willendorf (EDIT) [New Age Tapes]
untitled - untitled
James Ferraro - Untitled
Viktor Liseddi - Grapevine Tales (EDIT) [PINKBOX TELEPORT]
DJ Svyatopolk - Repair [HVRF-CC 123]
Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Ramphastidae Star Creched Blouse [UNDERWATER PEOPLES]
Flavia Goa - Untitled
Ross Khmil - untitled
Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Night Flight In The Southern Hemisphere [UNDERWATER PEOPLES]
Ross Khmil - digiworld (EDIT) [PINKBOX TELEPORT] 
Inner Tube - Coach Doames [PCSV 017]

NAM: Thanks Man! Show was really great!
Maybe you can recommend another cool radioshows from 20ftRadio that people should check?
BMT: Yeah, I really enjoyed Unaussprechlichen Kulten show w/ Anthony Junkoid. You should definitely check this out.

NAM: Great! We wish best to you and 20ftRadio.
Keep burning! 

material prepared by Newage Apocalypse Magazine special reporter
Willie Blodix  JR