Saturday, February 25, 2017

Jesus Selin - Nature of Illusion

Jesus Selin - Nature of Illusion

Monday, February 13, 2017



This album is an attempt to devaluate the tormenting controversies of binary oppositions such as good and evil, calmness and anxiety, noise and melody etc. It is also for people trying to discern their reflection in chaotic flood of input data, trying to separate the wheat from the weeds. There is ridiculously graceful dodo in the afterdark concrete jungles and you may kill it or save it. "  

Friday, February 10, 2017


When I was a kid, me and my father used to live in a village not far from Tokyo. 
He was a scientist and worked for the organization called The Subconsciousness Watch. 
During the World War II they started a new project entitled Soft Touch. 
So, my father told me we had to move to Ukraine where important studies were taking place. 
A few days later we arrived in a small village near Kyiv and my father took me to his new laboratory. 
We took the elevator. After going down for about 5 minutes, the elevator opened and I saw enormous crystals. They were everywhere I could see. 
I asked father, “what is it?” 
He said, “this is our future, and now you can feel it.” 
He approached one of the crystals and rubbed his finger along its surface, just like you do on a fogged up car window. 
The crystal started pulsating. A shiny sphere appeared inside it, throwing out blinding light and burning heat. 
Father said, “luckily, here we must say goodbye.” 
Before I said something, he pushed me inside the sphere. Everything that seemed to be my life disappeared. 

There months ago I woke up here again. 
The crystal was destroyed, its pieces penetrated my skin. 
But after looking into the shutters, I realized I was still 14 years old. 

There was no information about the Soft Touch project whatsoever. 
Neither was it clear to me what to do next. 
The only sign of hope that there are some answers to be found was the little tattoo that appeared under my tongue. 
It was three digits—225. I thought that it must be a phone number. But I didn’t manage to reach it. 
Three days later I received a text message. It said, “everybody who was involved in the "soft touch" project have been eliminated. Those, who were less lucky, went through the "purification process". Your father was honored to the first execution on the electric chair transmitted worldwide online. His colleague was in the “purification process” and may still be around. But it’s unlikely that he will tell you anything. If you want to find him, the crystals left by your father, will help.” 

There was also the code name of the colleague, which I cannot write here. 
Later I have found a small pouch with colorful crystals (miniature copies of those I went inside earlier), a Visa Gold plastic card and some cash. 
There was no money on the card. 
But later I found out what it was for. 
So, I hit the road. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Cybervision Simulcast - SewerCity

Cybervision Simulcast - SewerCity