Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Torn Hawk, Investigation of Extra-Terrestrial?

How deep the rabbit hole goes? 
Fearless Torn Hawk walking in dangerous zones and filming everything supernatural.
We met Luke in some realm of the twilight zone and ask him a few questions. 

Special Brief Interview:
NEWAGE MAG: Hey Luke! Please tell us about the main idea of your radio?
Luke Wyatt: you know , I love to walk around, so once I realized that all mystical things is everywhere, I take my old panasoci vhs cam and start a journey,
 creating portals for people , so they able to see that things too.
NEWAGE MAG: but why it's called Radio if here video as well?   
Luke Wyatt: sorry, but this is stupid question . 
Luke Wyatt: ok here the answer "owls are not what they seem"
NEWAGE MAG: this is more than enough pal, thank you !
Luke Wyatt: sure...
t r ansmi ssion is los t
....wait. seems like here some signals...