Friday, June 23, 2017

INRA - Suburbs of Utopia

'The place we have just visited - I mean the black steppe 
with the camp-fires - seemed rather gloomy to me. 
If the Inner Mongolia of which you speak is anything similar, 
then I would hardly wish to be there.' 
'You know, 'when, to take an example, 
you unleash mayhem in a drinking-den like the "Musical Snuffbox", 
you may perhaps reasonably assume 
that what you see is approximately the same 
as what the peo pie around you see - although even that is far from certain. 
But in the place where we have just been, everything is very individual. 
Nothing there exists, so to speak, in reality 
Everything depends on who is looking at it. 
For me, for in stance, everything there is flooded in blinding light. 
But my lads here' - Jungern nodded in the direction 
of the little figures in the yellow astrakhan 
hats who were moving around the camp-fire - 'see the same things around themselves as 
you do.
Or rather, you see the same things as they do
Debut album from Berlin-based duo INRA
"Suburbs Of Utopia" 

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