Wednesday, August 30, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Castel - Astral Portal

Castel himself photo
Young vapour phenomenon known as Castel gets his first physical release called Astral Portal.
This record includes the album NEO RISING, previously released on Pinkbox Teleport, the rare Dream Entanglement and completely new material which tool Castel six months to complete.

"All that stuff was remastered and refined together with professionals from Asura Revolver studio.
I feel like it will help new listeners to dive into it,
and for my old fans this will be an opportunity to open the sound they love once again, with new breath and special energy.
This is not a secret, I'm perfectionist but also I have big respect to people who believe in me,
so working on Astral Portal was more than just recording a new album.
I would say this was like creating a portal to the New Era" - Castel.

oh, yeah...
it was predicted by NEWAGE MAG and now we see how easily this newcomer has become game changer for vapour world.
We can endlessly talk about the reasons for this, so we better just admit some facts.

6 facts you should know about Castel

1. When he just made soundcloud page and uploaded the first song, it was played on on the next day by the labelhead of Dream Catalogue HKE (yeah, we know how much it means)
2. Three days later his debut album was signed by the most forward looking label of the year—Pinkbox Teleport
3. Month later his track was featured in the legendary second episode of Black Market Trade which was banned for all world (the creator of radioshow was forced to change his country of residence because of Disnay’s constant push)
4. Castel's debut album was nominated for the Album Of The Month by Ogritch himself
5. Castel's second album "THE SAVIOR" was released on the cult hardvapour label HVRF-CC.

Castel obtained all these achievements in only 4 months, nitro speed definitely... this could only be achieved by a real genius,
and we can consider this as an undeniable proof of his great talent.

No doubt, his sound and vision are unique, and this is exactly what vaporwave needs right now.
Break the world from your previous experience,
coz there is no value for it anymore.
Neo Rising
so it’s time to make a step into the Astral Portal

in case if you missed rare interview with Castel: